Palazzo Santa Croce - Positano

Your exclusive Italian villa with a view over Positano

Palazzo Santa Croce

This luxury villa, with its strikingly rich red stucco facade and dramatic terraces, draws the eye of anyone visiting Positano below. Yet only villa guests can climb the 190 steps which wind their way through lush gardens and olive groves to enjoy the sweeping views over Italy's Amalfi Coast and Mediterranean. Indulge yourself in the five luxurious rooms, a private spa, gorgeous halls, and a deluxe kitchen at Palazzo Santa Croce.

This luxury Italian villa is available only in its entirety for your exclusive use, and is the most prestigious retreat on the Amalfi Coast for celebrities and stars from across the globe.

Villa with a sea view - Positano, Italy

Relax in your private spa

"Salus pur Aquam", believed the ancient Romans, or "Health though Water". The private spa at Palazzo Santa Croce is inspired by the famed baths of Rome, and includes an endless pool and massage jets, sauna, Turkish bath, shower treatments, and an outdoor terrance with a sundeck and hot tub.

From Historic Monastery to Luxury Villa

Palazzo Santa Croce was originally a small monastery, and later became a bishopric in 1716. During its time as a bishop's palace at the height of the Baroque period, the building was renovated in the ornate style that has remained to this day, and decorated with rare and precious woods and silks which were traded in Positano's port with merchants from the Orient. The villa's lacquered doors, frescoed ceilings, and elaborate stucco flourishes were created by local masters.

When maritime trade ended, Positano gradually became a poor fishing village...though Palazzo Santa Croce remained a luxurious villa high above the town. At the beginning of the 1900's, the Amalfi Coast began to attract travellers drawn to the timeless beauty of this stretch of coastline. Among these European visitors was Edward Ghillausen, a Bauhaus artist fleeing the Nazi regime who fell in love with Positano and decided to go into hiding here with his wife.

This couple lived here until the early 2000's, and transformed the villa into a cultural center adorned with precious artworks and antiques. The villa was then purchased by Giacomoand Riccardo, close friends of the Ghillausens, who shared their vision of preserving the villa as a quiet, private retreat.

Palazzo Santa Croce - Positano

The most breathtaking views of Positano on the coast


Palazzo Santa Croce is located in "Li Parlati" a historic neighborhood at the top of Positano. To reach the villa, you must climb 190 steps through olive groves and gardens.

Palazzo Santa Croce - Positano
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